75 Stocking question



I wouldnt add any more fish. have you checked your water conditions lately with your current stock to see if they are in check?


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i agree no more fish. you have to go by how big they will get. not how big they are now. i only have four fish in my 55 gallon agressive tank and i consider that pushing it.

duke jjz

Water params are perfect. I know everyone says that, but even my LFS couldnt believe it when they tested some of my water. 20% water changes with properly prepared RO/DI water every 2 weeks. Running a Ehiem wetdry, a Fluval 304 canister (for carbon) and an AquaC Remora Pro. So im not concerned about the water condition... its the space/size issue. I had a panther grouper in there, however he just got too big, so i traded him in to my LFS for the Harlequin Tusk.


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Water conditions aside, you're going to have some problems with crowding and aggression in a short time. I wouldn't add more fish, particularly something small, that will likely become a meal for one of the others.