75g setup for sale


I am starting my own business and dnt have the time anymore.l live in york pa
75g oceanic tank with stand
20g sump with quiet one pump
reef devil skimmer with mag pump
hamilton mh lighting with 2 175w bulbs(10months old)
100lb of rock
live stock
yellow tang
fire fish
fire clown
royal gramme
coral beauty
and a few corals
i am asking $1000/obo or trade for pool table or partial trade for nano cube and cash


I am original from pittsburgh pa. I was at kennywood for the 4th weekend. I want to sell the set up full but let me think about it. Make me an offer?


Cool... Well I'll let you try and sell your tank as a whole... I'm just trying to search around for some lights for my 30g... I'm still in between getting a new ro/di unit or upgrading lights... soo I'm just searching around for some good prices... If it does not work out for you just let me know.

btw... are you saying that you have 2 175w mh fixtures??? I'm a bit confused with the 10 months.. I'm guessing you have 2 units... Just to help clear it up for others looking through...


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Got pics of the tank and stand? I have a 12 gallon JBJ nano that I was looking to get rid of, it was only set up for about 3 months and then I upgraded to a 45.