75g Stocking Advice


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Hey guys,

I am in the works of graduating from a 29g to a 75g FOWLR. I have some stocking ideas but want to see how many fish I can keep in it without being too overstocked.

Currently in tank:
-2 B&W Clowns
-Small anthias species (2.5-3 inches max)
-Goby/shrimp pair
-Purple firefish
-6 cleanup crew members

Fish I'm looking to add and not sure if they can be kept all together or not:
-Coral beauty
-Kole tang
-Flame angel (interested to hear experiences, so many differing opinions)
-Bicolor angel
-Fox face
-lunar or leopard wrasse

I doubt I can fit all of that so any direction to narrow down list would be great! Really trying to have that one larger fish that sticks out so any ideas are welcome!!


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Only 1 angel per tank. Coral beauty is the easiest. Leopard wrasse can be very tricky to keep. Other than that, your fine


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Even if its coral beauty and bi color? And did you mean I can fit all of that (with either coral beauty, flame angel and bi color?)


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Yes only 1 type of angel per tank. They do not mix well. Your list is the max for the tank but should be ok.


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I agree I recommend only 1 angel per tank as they can get quite Territorial, coral beauty’s are the usually easiest to find and keep


Only one tang in a tank, and only one angel per tank. If 2 of the same they will fight unless you have a very large tank like a 180 and up