7th All Ohio Frag Swap this weekend


I hope its OK to post this. I apologize for not letting everyone know about this sooner. Its this Sunday. Sponsored by our reef club, CORA.
It’s finally time! Our yearly frag swap has come! CORA will be holding the 2004 7th All-Ohio Frag Swap on September 26th, 2004 in Columbus, Ohio. The event will take place at the Holiday Inn East located at 4560

Corporate Drive, Columbus, Ohio 43232 starting at 12:00 PM and ending at 4:00 PM. The Holiday Inn East has a large 2500 sq. event room which will be plenty to hold everyone and their corals, not to mention free parking! For those who would like a break from the swap activities there is a nice bar and restaurant located at the Holiday Inn.
The swap will have an admission charge of $5. This admission charge will cover you and any spouse or child you would like to bring. We will include 3 raffle tickets with the price of admission. The cost of admission will cover the costs of the event and allow us to bring you excellent goods to raffle off.
At 3:15 we will be holding our raffle. Raffle tickets will be available for $1 prior to the raffle. Items will include corals from Dr. Mac and Sons and PhishyBusiness, gift certificates from ReefScience and many more great items
We highly recommend the trading of corals, but if you are just starting off and need to get started I know there will be many hobbyists willing to sell.
We currently have numerous vendors attending:
Premium Aquatics
Coral Dynamics, Inc.
Eden's Gate (Thats Me)
With donations from:
Reefer Rocks
Dr. Mac and Sons Corals
And many many more……
Hope to see you there.