80 gallon setup for $10

I attended a local saltwater conference today and after purchasing only $10 in raffle tickets, I walked out with a new 80 gallon tank with a stand and a sump to go along with it.

Considering I know there were a couple people there who spent around $500 for raffle tickets to try and win this tank setup, my luck must be running pretty high for me to have won it. Maybe I should go to Vegas!
I'm really excited and can't wait to get this new tank up and running.


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gratz on the tank
I find it funny you get advice to go to vegas over that -- life favors the prepared vs the lucky ;) same as in this hobby
Thanks everyone! The footprint on this tank is really different than what you would expect. It's almost a cube.... 24 inches long, 24 inches high and 30 inches deep from front to back. It will make a great coral tank. The fish will just have to be kept to the smaller species.
No pics yet. I decided to 'give' this tank to my husband (Squishyfish on the board), so the tank build thread will be his to create and post pictures on. It will be his tank so the final decisions on equipment and livestock will be his to make, but he has already said that he wants my imput and I'm sure he'll let me pick out a few of the things that go in it.