I got about 85lbs of LIVE ROCK (mostly FIJI based, and maybe few pieces of FLORIDA and TONGA)..
I am selling it for only $225. local pickup to 19446, right outside Philly
Thats only $2.65/lb!!!!! This sells for $3.99+/lb usually!
email mujtba @ 2trom.com if interested..
Im SOOO busy these days, I may not be able to check the forum fast enuf..



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Actually that looks like base rock. I dont see very much color on that rock. I see maybe 1 or 2 pieces have coraline and for your information, there are others that have it cheaper better looking rock....I am just saying......


base rock is dead dry rock... u seem new to the game. coraline has whited off from being in a bucket for 5 weeks without light. but i have more coraline color rocks on bottom which i will move to top and retake pics for people who are new to the game. this rock is LIVE and full of the beneficial bacteria needed.. go 2 the

site and look/search 4 your base rock pics and then compare to mines... and please do show me better looking cheaper rock.. i will buy it from them myself..


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Aren't you trying to sell the rock you have?
And it takes a heck of a lot less time to get substrate level bacterial proliferation than it does to get coralline coverage. I think he was looking for a little more than rocks with coralline spores on them.


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Originally Posted by mujtba
base rock is dead dry rock... u seem new to the game. .

You just made me laugh.
yeah, I am soooo new to the game... good one!!!! I actually am an owner of an aquatic business and would glady sell you live rock if this site didnt already do that. And yes, my rock is fresh as well as very colorful. Fiji premium, pukani, branching tonga, and a few others...