90 gallon stock list


Okay I'm getting a 90 gallon shortly, not sure what size sump but at least 30 gallons, and i'm still figuring out the skimmer but anyway I wanted to know what ppl thought of this stock list
Rock beauty angel (smallest full size one from what I understand).
Powder blue tang
Kole Tang
Raccoon butterfly
Peaceful fairy wrasse
Candy hogfish
small school of black bar chromis
Anyone see issues ?


I really don't believe that a Rock Beauty and a Powder Blue should be put together in that size tank. They both really need 125+, or a 6' swim length. A Powder Blue is a difficult fish to begin with and the stress of the smaller tank, combined with the semi-aggressive nature of the angel will more than likely be an issue. Not to mention the bioload of these two fish. I would X the Powder Blue, but if your determined to have one, make it the last fish you add. You'd be better off with one of the larger Dwarf angels to be honest, the 2" will make a difference in a full size fish, especially when discussing how much swimming room they need, dwarfs stick to rock work much more and weave in and out while the larger species come out into open water to swim and really prefer the 6' long tanks. Also, as a general rule, Powder blues do not accept other tangs, especially in smaller systems, and the Kole, being a much more peaceful tang, would get beat on.
Have you researched the dietary needs of a Rock Beauty Angelfish? They're difficult to keep in a home aquarium and many people don't have luck with them.
Hope this helps, making a stock list can be so tedius! Interested to see what others have to say, especially AquaKnight, he always has excellent advice about stocklists.


Thanks...I didn't realize the rock beauty was one of the sponge requiring types. The fact they swim in the open is why I want a full size angel. Do you think if I had a 125 I could do this:
Full size angel (emperor, koran, or majestic)
Kole tank
a Zebrasoma genus tang, very hard to pick, would probably be more what I can find healthy locally when I'm ready as I like them all, there is on LFS that gets in silver dollar size purple tangs for $50 so thats even a possibility
Butterfly (I strongly lean towards a red sea raccoon but there are a few others closely related I like too)
A "peaceful" wrasse in the 4-6" adult size range.
Hogfish (I like these better than most dottybacks/pseudochromis, and not many folks in my area have them).
maybe with the larger tank I could do some additional fish like smaller anthias or something like that and/or a large shoal of black bar chromis.
I think that's more reasonable, and I can get a 125 for the same price, so its really just more rock and one more metal halide :) (sorry I just haven't been bit by the t5 bug, I'm just moving into the HQI halides mainly because I can build he fixtures myself).


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All large angels require some form of sponge in their diets. While it's not exactly know why, but Rock Beauties have the lowest survival rate of any large angel. Also all large angels don't anyways swim out in the open. Some like Blueface's, can be rather reclusive. A Koran is a good choice, hardy for an angel and is generally out in the open. Only catch would be a 125gal wouldn't be his "forever home." After a couple of years, he'll likely need something larger. Getting a juvenile and watching his color transformation is very cool. Just make sure you like the adult coloring of a Koran.
Rest of the list for a 125gal good. Make the Zebrasoma tang your last fish in. For a 125gal, I would say skip Salifins (too big). Technically hogfish are a type of wrasse. If you go with the Candy Hog, they are a great fish, and shouldn't be an issue mixing in with fairy wrasses. Be careful going with other Hogfish, some can get very large. A Red Sea Raccoon is a great Butterfly if you've never kept one before.


Okay well I picked up the 90, cant beat 90 w/ stand for 100 bux.
I've rethunk my stocklist and I'm thinking the following
Blue spotted toby
Niger trigger (it's a maybe)
Carribean blue tang
Blue eye two spot tang (I know the 1 tang in 4 feet rule but I think I'll be okay as this one stays small like a kole)
I am thinking about a pair of either pink skunks fire clowns or perhaps maroons (I have black occellaris in one tank and snowflakes in another, so I want something "different")
From there I'm thinking about some chromis a dottyback, and maybe a dwarf angel like a flame or singapore.
I'm aware this is a heavy bioload, I'm putting a 55 gallon tank in as a sump and an ASM G3 skimmer to help keep things in line.