92 gallon corner tank, stand, 250 watt halides, sump and skimmer stowe PA

I am getting out of this addictive obsession before I go further in debt.
I am selling the tank thats stated above which is a Reef Ready tank with the items listed. There is a built in overflow in the back. The tank comes with 2 stands which the one is used for the canopy to hold the halides. I painted everything a shade of white and I still have the gallon of paint that was left over. There is a few spots I didn't paint because I was in a hurry to get it set up. The ballast are Ice Cap 250 watt mogul based ballast with 20K bulbs that are about 2 months old. The sump is a bare bones americle that doesn't have the trays in it anymore but I do have bio balls for it. The skimmer is an Excaliber but is in need of a new pump for it. It worked great untill the pump went. The livestock and rock is not included and is already taken. There is a couple of minor scratches that are not even deep enough to get algae stuck in them. I would like to get 500 for this OBO



If you decide to part it out let me know......would take everything BUT the lighting.
I have so much lighting laying around I really dont need any more.