92g Corner


Went to a fellow reefers house to buy some zoo frags off of him last night - he had 2 display reef tanks and 2 frag tanks.
I got to see what a 92g corner tank looks like and I was blown away!!! I totally want one now. Hmmm, where can I find the space in my condo.
It was really cool, anyone who has never seen one, it just gives a different perspective. It's very cool. Anyone with this corner tank, feel free to post pix here...
very jealous now...


I know how you feel. I saw one and had to have one. Mine has been set up for a few months. I wish I had a decent camera or better skill at taking pictures so it would show the depth and demensional views you get with the tank. This tank is a 92 corner with a single 400 watt, 20000k MH light. Believe me the picture is much darker than the tank - which is bright and beautiful. I just finished moving my corals over from my 46 gal, which was completely filled with coral. As you can see the 92 just about tripled my space. I have intentionally not placed corals along the top of the rock, as I plan on adding some of the hardier SPS corals once the tank has matured a little move.


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Beautiful tank. I have been eying that one in the lfs and one day when I get my own house if I cant get one built into the wall i want a corner one like that one...
I love the effect of a single MH bulb. Gives a more natural sunlight effect with a shadow. Now if you could only rig up the bulb on a track line that makes it rise and set...
:D ;) :)


I decided early on in my design to go with a central single bulb and aquascape with that light source in mind. I built up the sides to form an inlet with the right side thick enough to build a dark cave area for my low-light corals. This coliseum architecture allowed one bulb to provide full light to my entire tank.
I agree it would be cool to be able to move the bulb to track the sun - but I had enough trouble just designing and building the canopy.


I disagree! I don't think that would be cool to have one of those tanks at all!! They look awful gaudy! I think that they would look out of place unless you were at some weird art persons house!!


beautiful tank!! i would love to have one of those. well actually i would love to have two, one on both sides of my couch :D .