95 Gal. Reef Ready Acrylic Aquarium


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FOR SALE. 95 Gallon octagon corner Clarity Plus acrylic aquarium with natural oak canopy and cabinate stand. Includes: wet-dry filter with 1800 mag drive pump, Excaliber skimmer, 18watt dual helix uv steralizer, 4 quantity Power Compact 100 watt light fixtures minus 2 bulbs, Arctica 1/4 horse chiller, Kent 4 stage RO water filtration unit, water heater, water test kit, live sand, and aprox. 120 lbs. of live rock. The set up is about 1 1/2 years old, the chiller and uv steralizer are 6 months old. Asking $1,700.00 O.B.O. Pick up only Illinois. Pictures are available apon request. E-mail or call (630) 226-1012 with questions.


Could you please email me the pic(s) little to small to see? I live in Chicago and would be interested in everything except the tank/stand/canopy...