95 Gallon Wave Tank for sale (South Florida area)


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Hello all!
Looking to sell this beautiful 95 gallon wave tank.
It has been sitting in my spare bedroom for a year now unused.
Had plans to set it up, but life happens... you get too busy. And if I was going to set this tank up, I wanted to do it justice and put real time into the setting up, design, and of course, maintenance of it. But like I said.......life. I don't have the time for any of those things and its just taking up space.

So, my loss your gain. These tanks from what I have read are hard to get your hands on and retail for over $1200.
Its in beautiful condition other than being a little dusty. Lots of great storage space under neath.
Heres the write up I found on another site describing it:

"This unique curved-glass aquarium offers a natural view of aquarium fish in a comfortable 95-gallon size. Large enough to make a dramatic impact in any room, the hinged glass offers the wave-front "glass ripple" in both a left and right version. Furniture quality stands in maple, cherry, and black. Finishes are available in 32" heights for optimum viewing. Wave tank stands fit both left and right styles. The Hinged Glass allows for custom lighting, utilizing the numerous strip light options available from All-Glass Aquariums. 95 gallon 48x24x25"

Here attached 4 pictures of my tank in addition to two stock photos.
Let me know if you have any questions. Looking to sell quickly and only to people who are local (can pick the unit up).
I live in Plantation Florida (Broward county).
Asking price is $600 or best offer. This includes the tank and stand.

Feel free to private message me for my contact info or if you have any questions.





Do you still have this? If so, do you have the things, (pumps, top light, etc.) that's necessary?

Michael Finesilver