a couple of questions


55 gal. 70lbs. of lr and 60 lbs . of ls 20 turbos, 2 emeralds, serpent star , sally lightfoot , 3 scarlet hermets (that's the clean-up crew)
(1) I have a small sandsifting star. I've been reading that the sifters are a no no. Should I take him back to the lfs.
(2) Should I pick up another 10 turbos.
(3) Should I pick up another sally lightfoot
The reason for asking is that I just started using a PC light with moonlight from corallife. I really like it, but I now have brown stuff (brown diatoms?) growing all over the glass and equitment. I am running a fluval 404, 2 hagen 402 powerheads, and a seaclone 100 skimmer.
Any ideas on this would be appreciated.


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I would personally take the sand sifting star back to the LFS... he'll eat all the sand bed infauna like pods.
As for the snails, I would recommend diversifying your snail population a bit. Consider adding some nassarius or cerith snails. You could also put in a fighting conch, which will help with your diatom problem.
I wouldn't add another sally lightfoot. They tend to be somewhat territorial and in a 55 gallon two would likely fight. However, you could add a few more scarlet hermits.


I just leave the algae on the back glass, scrape what I can from the front and sides (my rock and PH's block my scrubber). The diatoms will take care of themselves in time. I have a smaller cleanup screw than yours in my 50 and they're doing an adequate job.
My $0.02.


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It is not uncommon to have brown algae within a few seeks of starting up a tank. The brown will feed off of phosphates then slowly turn to green as phosphates are consumed.
To control or eliminate ugly algaes the best way is to add plant life you desire. that way the uglies are starved of nutrients. Plus the system is a whole lot better and more able to support fish and corals.