A few pictures


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Hey everyone,
I know. I just posted pictures not too long ago. But I just upgraded to t5s and gotta show the colors! I have a 24" tek light on my 20" tank. I just made some legs with PVC. I was running a aquablue+, 2 ATI blue+, and a figi purple. I just switched out the aquablue+ for another blue+ though, as it looked more like a 14K before, and I was looking for a bit more of a blue look.
I finaly got a full tank shot that I am pseudo-happy with too!

got a green with purple rim, orange, and purple cap all together. Hopeing that they will form a nice intertwined spiral.

Wish I could get a better pic of this chalice. Got it from naso and it has transofrmed in my tank

Shows some promise. It's a purple with green rim and red polyp undata. ALthough you can't really tell by the picture... :(

Gotta give my "pair" of high fin gobies counsiling. This guy in the back randomly left the other and the pistol shrimp and now resides behind another rock.

I got rid of that huge wells I had and got an orange plate (too bright to really see in the full tank shot), but it's SUPER bright orange. Looking to get an aussie scolly too.


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Beautiful! I like the blue look much better than regular lighting as well.
I have to ask...do you have any problems with salt creep with all that water movement? I found that every little splash creates a problem for me.


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Originally Posted by Brokendeck
Very very nice tank. Whats the white light under the rock in the middle of the tank?
It's just a barespot of sand that reflected back into the camera.
flower: I am not having real problems. I used to have two more powerheads on a wavemaker instead of the hydor on the left. And I could get some with that because one was pointed up at about a 45* angle. But haven't had a problem with the new set. I do have a good amount of space from the water level to the rim of the tank though. But I mainly will just get a bit of algae buildup a little above the water since it is always wet. But I don't think it is inconsistent enough to really get a lot of salt creep.


Your tank looks cool, thanks for the help on my thread about SPS. I noticed that you had a clam in your tank. I was told that i should put one in mine, how has yours done, it looks happy.