A Few Shipping Questions


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I have a couple questions about shipping that I thought I would post in here. I am shipping out some corals in a couple weeks and will be shipping them in a styrofoam box with more styrofoam packing peanuts inside that. I will be using a heat pack and was wondering where the best place to put it would be. Should I put it inside the styrofoam box with the frags and have it resting on top of the peanuts? Or should I leave it outside the styrofoam box and have it between the styrofoam and cardboard? Also where can I find the good heavy duty plastic bags that LFS have? All I see are ziplock and I dont trust those.


I have seen most people tape the heat pack to the top of the box. Max sure you write which way is up on the outside of the box if it doesn't already have it and FRAGILE. Got a trade in the other day from someone and the box was upside down in my mailbox and the bag with the zoas in it was resting on the heatpack. Water was pretty warm when I got them. You can usually get the LFS to give you some bags.