a nifty story

i dunno if you guys kno but i have been on vacation in las vegas and let me tell you what a town for saltwaterfish, i went to ATM (acrylic tank manufactures) they said that they are in the process of building a tank for president bush (20ft tall and 8 feet long) they had about eight 9 inch niger triggers and one pure black dog face which i have never seen before, they had so many fish it was out of control. they told me to go to the mandalay bay casino and visit their shark reef.so i went and one tank was 1.3 million gallons, just one they had about 7 tanks, one with tangs, bamboo, hammerheads,wrasses,black tips ,and that haleriqun tusk or somthing, a bunch of fish. they also had a 10 inch lionfish. about 10 golden puffers (the mgm grand had a 18inch pork puffer) they had tons of leopard sharks in a 35,000. about 40 eels with the puffers and a almost swiming pool like tank with rays and bamboo's. it was a great experience. but the 1.3 million gallon had lemons and white tips and huge sharks like that. if anyone ever goes to vegas go to the mandalay bay


Awesome - Did you take any pictures?
An aside - anybody ever been to the Atlantis in the Bahamas -- its a hotel and it has tons of tanks including numerous shark tanks. I post pictures in a few days if anybody is interested. Well, I'm off to PA for the weekend.


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Kind of funny you should mention that...
My parents just got back from LV. and had lots to say about Mandalay bay.. Can't wait to see their pictures! :)
Just went there about three months ago. The very large reef is awesome, I had to be pulled away from it. Sat there naming off fish, ooh..look at the golden puffer, look at the moray, it was like that mervyns commercial when that lady is standing there just staring into the store , tapping on the window saying "open, open, open" I would love to be able to go diving in that sucker. There jellyfish tank that is in the same area as the little pool with the sharks, rays, and horseshoe crabs would be killer to have in the middle of an entertainment room........now if I can just hit the lotto.