A noob mistake...


After research and study and reading countless threads on just about everything, I pulled the trigger on setting up my 30 gal. I was doing everything right, taking it slow. Not skipping or short cutting. Then came time for fish. My little clown is doing great on its 3rd day. But the mistake I made was getting a diamond goby. I thought it out. It wasn't and impulse buy. But I forgot to consider one thing. Food. I'm afraid it will starve after some thought. Can it be fed other ways? I love this thing but don't want to kill it. Please help. Thanks!


My diamond goby loves mysis shrimp and new life spectrum pellets. What are you feeding the clown?


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Is the goby just not eating, or is it having problems competing with the clownfish for food?


Well, I'm feeding the clown both frozen mysis and flake. My concern is that my sandbed is so new and not to full of the life that the goby isn't getting what he needs. The clown is so small right now that I don't think there is any competition for food. Tonight I put some mysis right in front of the goby and it took him a few minutes to find it.
Will he get "trained" to look for it? I thought about the pellet food. Maybe I'll try that too!
Then again maybe I'm over-reacting about feeding the goby. I just don't want it to starve.
Thanks for the replys!