A perosnal apology to kappadoku and any others I have offended.

Guess I missed some drama while I was out of town, came back...all kinds of new people (would like to say hello) and all kinds of crazy bus. going on. I, for one, would just like to say your all a-o.k. in my book,
I would like to add my name to the list of those who enjoy having you here. Have learned alot from you and if you were to leave we would have a hard time filling the void.
To everyone else, with the exception of those like sammy and beth who are probably the only two that have not lost their heads at one time or another, chill out! have fun, things (even heated topics) can be discussed in a civil manner without putting someone down even if you represent a very strong opposition.
I have caught myself doing this and sometimes post without thinking how it will be read. All boils down to respecting others and if you choose not to then there are many other boards populated with disrespectful people that anyone may join.
Just gotta say again "man I love this board!!!!"
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What is going on? Did I step into the twilight zone? Lionfish, I have been watching this from the sidelines and I'm so happy you decided to stay. Your knowledge has helped me soooo much. You all remind me of the military; always worrying about other people's business. Don't make this great board a bickering site. Once again, glad to have you back Lionfish. You been cookin' anything latley? :D :D :D