A responsible aquarist should...


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first make sure all bills are paid before heading to the LRS.
that there is enough food for at least a week of meals and kids have lunch money before opening any frag sellers website.
make sure tires on car are not going bald before ordering replacement lighting.
NOT! Kidding. This is RESPONSIBLE AQUARIST, not responsible society member.


Those are all very valid points.......But i have multiple bulbs that have gone out in my house, and have neglected to change them, but justbought a new light system for the tank. And just bought an RODI unit for the tank, which is a MUCH nicer water filtration system than i have for me and my wife.

Also, i make sure that the temp in the tank is just perfect, but tell my wife to put a jacket on if shes cold..............


That's just too funny, I know a lady that just bought a new bird and her tires are bald on her car. Don't make any sense but people will do it.


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Very true Mike! The tank can wait a bit, but if your power gets turned off, it doesn't matter what kind of lighting you are ordering.

florida joe

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Be less concerned if his kidney stones have coraline algae on them and more concerned about how he is going to get rid of them