AC14K bulbs


It's almost that time to replace my bulbs. I know a lot of people like the ushio bulbs. But just the other day somebody said AC14K are better bulbs.
I currently have 250 watt 15k ushio double ended bulbs. I think they are too blue. Im looking to get something lighter (yellow for growth).
any recommendations?


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go with either the phoenix 14k or the reeflux 12k. two of the better bulbs on the market imo.


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DE aquaconnect and DE phoenix are the same bulbs according to sanjay testing (both output and color spectrum are identicle, multi examples tested). the SE MIGHT be different (no test to confirm one way or the other).
you havent specified WHAT 15k bulb you have, it could be blue or white depending on which 15k. whatever the case you DONT want ANY of the above (phoenix, reeflux 12k or AC) if you want a whiter or yellower bulb (you'd probably like the reeflux 10k which is a lower cost alternative to below and looks/performs simularly).
I think you should however go with the AB 13k. a little expensive but a PAR monster and no one would consider it a blue bulb OR a ugly yellow bulb. Pretty much a natural white. here's my old 175 watters with 13k AB (no supplements)


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Originally Posted by DETANE
nIce tank!! where can I find the AB 13K bulb?
thanks (its no more). AB= aqualine buschke. they are the parent company of aquamedic (turboflotor skimmers, oceanlight fixtures ect). you can get the AB bulbs at marine depot, hello lights, aquacave, premium aquatics....pretty much all the popular online vendors.