Acropora color morph?


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I have a 3 inch frag of purple tip acropora sp.? that was given to me when I still had 130watts of pc. It grew...encrusting the base and growing about a 1/4 of an inch but it lost its color and turned a dull brown. Since updated to a 250watt de hqi xm20k the polyps which I didn't know where still there are coming back and I have noticed it turning lime green around the tips. I was wondering if it possible for a certain colored acro to completely change colors after it had gone severe changing in lighting. Thanks.


acro's sometimes change colors in different tanks with differnet lighting, flow, chemistry, etc. for that matter just about any sps can change colors under different lighting. i personally have a green rim purple cap that when i got it as a frag was army green. i return a frag of it to the guy i got it from it turned solid green again. the only major difference between the two tanks is i'm running xm 10ks and he is running ab 10ks.


if it bleached it will take a long time to return to its color. i hada green cap with purple rim which browned out, it has been 1 yr and it finally got the origional colors back. the color of the coral will have variations of it depending on what kelvin bulb you use. 20k's show the blues and purples beter than a 10k does. while imo the greens show more with a 10k... hth


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The frag has been under the new lighting for about a month, so it will probably be a long time before it regains full color, whatever that color may be. Its kinda nice to see the frag turn around after doing so poorly. Anyway thanks again.