Actinic 03 ? ASAP!!


Hello, I ordered an actinic 03 bulb made by panasonic from another website. Was going to change my existing CSL actinic bulb for the real thing. I received an ULTRA actinic bulb made by CSL. I called up the company and they told me that panasonic used to make CSL's bulb before they went out of business and that the ultra actinic was true actinic 03. I need to know if this is true before I send this bulb back.
By the way the original csl bulb that is in my tank's lighting system did not say ultra on it when I purchased it. So is this one that I just received the real thing?
These bulbs are power compacts.


Custom Sea Life's "actnic" bulbs were not true actnic 03. I replaced my CSL 50/50 bulb with one that is true actnic and the difference is very obvious. True actnic is more violet/purple, the CSL bulb is more blue. Also, my photosynthetic creatures seemed to respond positively to the switch to true actnic and I've seen others report the same thing. Definitely dump the CSL actnic, I'm not sure about the Panasonic bulb.