ADamigo-Quickly Becoming #1


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There are many ad markets online today, such as Craigslist and EBay; however there have been few places for businesses to go to sell or to find advertising space. This is what makes ADamigo a unique platform, as it allows users with an opportunity to sell and purchase different kinds of ad space available across a broad spectrum of platforms. Based in Idaho, ADamigo acquired a firm grip in the local market as an ad broker, but has been recently making a nationwide push to bring in more ad space so that ADamigo can offer the most diverse company services including online, outdoor, print and big screen advertising.
It has only been a year since ADamigo has appeared on the scene as a full advertising broker; however the results have been great in a very short time. The platform offered at for buyers and sellers offers a place where companies can find the unique space available according to venue and budget, or if there is a business that would like to sell advertising space, Adamigo has an easy 1-2-3 step process for listing ad space, which even includes geo-tagging the advertising platform, which allows potential buyers to easily find it when searching online for space to purchase.
One important update that ADamigo has recently made is a brand new site design. Just a month after launch of the new design visitors love the user friendly navigation and simple ease of managing their ADamigo accounts. When designing the new look, ADamigo Owner and CEO -Juan Cardenas- had the concept to create a system which was simple for anyone to use and navigate while keeping all the complexity behind the scene in site coding for maximum optimization of sellers space so that buyers can easily find the right space and platform they need for their advertising needs.
After a year gaining speed and popularity in Idaho, ADamigo is well on its way to become one of the nation’s leading platforms for buyers and sellers of advertising to find the solutions they need. With a direct marketing campaign underway; ADamigo has partnered up with popular media companies like Parrot Film Co. and Fuel Media Group, among others, in order to offer the best and farthest reaching advertising possibilities available anywhere. With the powerful combination of advertising groups, ADamigo is looking forward to becoming the #1 AD Broker providing advertising space for easier and faster ad matching as compared to any other such source.
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