adding a naso w/a yellow tang


I have been wanting to do just that. It is a 125, I have a 155 just waiting for when I move:yes: , but I think I want to add the naso sooner than later. I was wondering if a trick from my old cichlid days would work--before I add the new tang I would change all the rock work, do a water change, and turn the lights off for a day. Would this work to make the yellow think he is in a new place? Would this make it safe to a add the naso? Thanks.


I agree. They should be fine usally they will be ok if they dont have the same body type. Wich they do not. But I also will move the rocks when my fish are getting agressive. Works very well.
If you take the territory away they have nothing to defend.


:happyfish You have the right idea going about changing thier rockwork. Also if you feed the fish right before you add the fish, and also I've only heard there is a problem adding 2 tangs together if they are of similar body shape and color. The two types couldn't be more different if you tried, so it should be just fine. Supposedly if they are the same size and shape and color you are supposed to add them at the same time. I have put 2 smaller tangs together in my fish only, and they were just fine. But I don't guarantee anything, you just never know. Good luck