ADDING Sand???


ok im in the process of starting the 55 gallon tank... i would like a nice 2-3 inch sand bed... i have already added 1 30 pound bag of sand... i have another 30 pound bag and a 20 pound bag of LS...... 80lbs of sand is ALOT RIGHT?
i definently want to use all of the LS and probally only some of the other 30lb bag......
how should i add the remaing 2 bags to seeget the sand right?
should i add a few gallons to see how the 30 pounds lays, then add the 20lb bag of LS? then add more from the other 30 pound bag till im happy? or should the LS be on top??


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you will probably use all of it. in a 55 i built, it took 3 x 50 lb bags pretty easily.
if you can, you i would add the LS last


I agree. get the rock on the floor of the aquarium before the sand. it will prevent rock slides later.
about 1-1.5 lbs sand per gallon will give u a good bed. LS on top and it will seed the rest.