advice for first reef tank please...


morning all.....
so i've got the itch! you all probally know what i mean! restless nights dreaming of a bigger, better tank! daydreaming at work about lighting and filter combinations! i've been running my first salt water tank now for about 6 months now. it's a 20 long with a coralife 130 watt PC. the inhabitants are: 2 perculas, 1 fire tail goby, 2 yellow tail damsils, 2 chromis, 2 skunk cleaner shrimp, 2 turbo snails, 1 RBTA, 1purple anemone, and i small alantic anemone. i've lost one fish(royal gramma) due to it was i'll when i got it. i have about 12lbs of live rock in the tank.
now i'm stepping up to a bigger tank. i purchased a used all-glass bowfront corner 54 with stand ,light, cover and fluval 404 canister with all new media for $275. i think i got a good deal... i have the fluval plumed into the tanks overflow utilizing it's prefilter. i belive the fluval pushes 340 gallons/hour.
1'st question: will my 130 watt PC be enough light to support coral's and anemone's? the depth of the tank is 20 inches.
2'nd question: is the fluval an adaquet filter for a reef tank if i add a couple powerheads for more current?
3'rd question: do i need a skimmer with the tank setup i have? it seems like the water would get skimmed by running over the lip on the overflow.
lastly, what temp should i set my tanks at? my cycling bowfront is at 72*-75*. sorry so long! i want to have a nice first successful reef tank! have a good weekend!


1. It depends on what type of corals. Soft corals such as mushrooms will be ok. But I would be careful of your bubble tip with only 130 watts.
2. Yes, the fluval makes an excellent filter. I like maxi-jet and penguin powerheads.
3. I would recommend using a protein skimmer. I have a cpr bak pak on my tank, and I have used the cheapy LEE's that run with an airstone. Just remember something is probably better than nothing.
Finally, I set my aquariums at 77 or 78. Hope that I helped you out.


Hello and Welcome to the fourm!!
your first question...130w would be enough for mushroons but I'd recommend upgrading to VHO or MH.
2nd The ocean is the largest most stable enviroment and your trying to recreate that. I wouldn't rely on th 404 as the main or only my 28gal i'm running a 304, skillter 400 (waste of money as a skimmer but good filter) and aqua clear 200/w two power heads. and I'm still going to add a refugium.
You will still need a skimmer and i keep my tank about 78.
Once more welcome
this is only my opinion and you shold get some others to make the best dessision for your tank. A basic rule to follow is their are no rules...what works for someone my not work for others!
Good luck and happy reefing!!!