Advice on first aggressive tank

I have a 50g tank that I was thinking about putting about 40lb lr in and a baby clown trigger. I've read a lot about the fact that aggressive set-ups are normally in larger tanks, but could a clown be happy in a 50 when he's done growing? If so, what tank mates would be recommended to stay out of his way, it'll be like his own playground when I'm done. THANKS


If you put a clown in a 50 you WILL have to get a larger tank eventually. He will out grow it no problem. You could get a Snowflake eel, but make sure you seal up you tank tight so he does not get out. I would also get a puffer, they have really cool personalities. But don't put more than one or two fish in a 55 aggressive tank.
The clown triggerfish will do good in your 50 till he gets bigger, then the big tanks will come. I'd get a little panther grouper, another trigger, and an eel.
i dont think he should get a grouper espiccally that one they get about 2 feet and they eat anthing. i would get a tusk, or puffer or eel or lionfish


I don't think he should get a lionfish either. Not with a clown. But to answer his question: You don't wanna buy a clown for a 50gal. And if you did, then there are no tankmates he could be with in that size tank. If you do go agressive in this size tank. Stick to 2 or maybe 3 agressive fish, but know which ones don't get too large. A clown will get almost 20" and would definitely be crammmed in that size tank, let alone share space. Perhaps a picasso and something else would be fine.


Dlight, I'm not sure of your references but the two sources I have both label the clown as getting bigger then a niger. Look it up. No, the clown probably won't get 20" but book says 19.9" meaning it may get anywhere from 14" to 19" depending on its genetics=) Male vs. female,etc,etc. And the fact that I stated it would get "ALMOST 20" which would make the statement correct. Just as there are shorter and taller people. But references including "Marine Fishes" by Michael (in front of me now) say the clown gets larger than the niger. Clown=19.9" and Niger=19.7". Not alot of difference there but I think the niger's long tail is included. I've personally seen a clown that was probably 15" or so and have never seen a niger that large (not that it does'nt exist).
Anyways, not debating with ya'....just clarifying my info and the point of a clown getting larger than a niger. And of course a whole lot meaner in that small of a tank. You are much safer putting in the smaller more "layed back" niger.