Advice on my new 29 gallon tank


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I have a 29 gallon tank that has been set up for about three months.
It has:
30lbs of live rock with multiple hitchikers on it. Awesome color. hundreds of hard shell coco worms and feather dusters. My substrate is mostly sand with a thin layer of crushed shells. I run a Fluval Canister filter 304. A Coralife superskimmer 65 and a powercompact made by current with a 65watt 10,000k white and 7100k blue bulb.
5 snails,
15 hermits
bristle star
blue chromis damsel
marron clown mated with seabe anemone
yellow tang
Question is
My live rock came with lots of very small orange spot zoos on it. They are doing great. They are getting bigger and seeming to spread. With my current lighting set up. what other corals can I get. i bought a musroom frag a couple of days ago with one small mushroom on it and it is opened and seeming to do fine.


Yellow Tang = no
way to small a tank you got there bud, even my 75 is pushing it for a tang, i will probably not get one either, i really want one to
that damsel will become king of the tank might want that gone to... and the shell are bad youll have nitrate problems later on. sorry to be the bearer of bad news no sad smilie face that isnt crying....:(


Let me get this straight first. You have a total of 130 watts on a 29 gallon tank right?
If so then perhaps you could get away with some of the star polyps and other lower light type zoanthids like the orange spot zoo that you have, perhpas even xenia.