Aggressive Flame Angelfish?


Just wondering if anyone else has ever had a problem with a flame angelfish. He's the meanest angel I've ever seen or had. His tank mates include a blue devil damsel, a perculia clownfish, a yellow headed jawfish, and small hermits and a sally lightfoot. The tank setup is a 46 gal. Now so far he's taken out the damsel and seems to be working on the clown now. He tries to mess with the jawfish but he just jets into his hole so I don't think he'll ever actualy get him. Then the angel will decide to go on a cruise along the bottom of the tank trying to kill all the hermits one by one but they all hide in there shell to fast for him. After he decided that isn't gonna work he'll even try to mess with the sally lightfoot who is even scared of the angel. I don't know what to do with this guy I really think he's a beautiful fish but hes just a little

. He seems to think he owns the tank no doubt cause he is the biggest one in there. As far as food he eat flakes and life line frozen cubes as well as picks at the algea and rocks in the tank. So what should I put in here now, if I went for a more aggressive setup I'd have to ditch the inverts and I really couldnt have anymore then 2-3 aggressive fish in a 46 gal. Soooo any ideas anyone?


LionFish says.....
Well, truth be told, if it is that aggressive why keep it? If it's going to cause that much trouble I wouldn't deal with the nasty little fella. I have one in my 50 gallon reef tank. The little guy is pretty docile but he chases my Black-cap and Swissguard Basslet every so often. He doesn't bother my Clown, Jawfish, or FoxFace. And half the time he ignores the Basslets. But I sure wouldn't deal with a fish with that kind of aggression. I suggest you take the fish back. No matter how beautiful the fish is. You can exchange him for a Purple firefish, Bangaii Cardinal, or basically any small fish. I know I would. My angel has never tried to attack any of my inverts. I sure hope mine doesn't go on a rampage.


I have a Coral Beauty that chases my 3-stripe damsels around but I've never really seen any realy damage done. I also added a Niger Trigger and he keeps everyone in line.