Aggressive nano....


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Out of the ones most commonly seen, the maculatus (warty) is the smallest.
The best thing you can do is to try and become familar with IDing these guys 'cause you'll be WAY sorry if you end up with a commerson. So many places ID them wrong. I even emailed a company once to tell them the "commerson" they were selling was a pictus (painted). They never did change the name (although the painted would have gotten them more money).


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okay guys i've been tossing up ideas on lightin upgrades so i can start loading up on corals...its between a nanotuners 4.36 diy kit or a 24" TEK light..and im going with the TEK lights..due to options and also i will be able to use it again if i were to upgrade the im gettin it from the cave..lowest price i saw and comes with uvl bulbs. $342 out for it in two weeks..can't wait..