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Hi everyone. Last night I went and purched 15lbs of LR, and when i got home and set it in my tank How i wanted it, a few hours later these feather looking things were coming out of holes in the rock, their bown on color and when I walk by the tank they suck real fast back into the rock are these Aiptasia or something else. Thanks for your help


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If it's not aiptasia, it's a small featherduster... which is okay. A picture would help ID. :D


I Will need a photo to be certain what you have.
However, Aptasia anemones are not timid. This is good as you need them be be "out" to kill them. There are multilpe sites you can go to to see pics of Aptasia. If they are Aptaisa anemones, don't worry. They are weeds, but just like weeds they can be controlled or killed. (OR.... if you only have one or two, you can keep them for awhile as they are interesting to watch their tenticles move with the flow. Eventually, you WILL want to kill them IF they are Aptasia)
On the otherhand, they can be something completely different and FRIENDLY! Only a visual, will help us to help you.


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ok thanks, I will try to get a picture tonight Im at work right now. I hope thier "FRIENDLY"