seen some methods of Joes Juice which ive never heard of, kalkwasser which i dont use, lime juice and boiling water.
i have one attached VERY close to my BTA...what can i use and not hurt the BTA? i only see 3 total Aiptasia so far...


Joes juice will not hurt an anemone, especially cause it's a target feed type of eliminator.
I use a medicine ml syringe, suck up some joes, & put a tiny mysis or brine in the tip. When I get close to the anemone he opens his mouth and his tenticles try to grab the syringe, cause of the food piece. Then I squirt a bit of joes into it's open mouth.
Then my nassarius snails eat it cause it's dead.
Joes juice sinks. Kinda like sand. It's not like milk, it literally falls. You only need a tiny bit to get into the aiptasia to kill it.


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I agree with Tizzo, I have used Joes Juice to kill aiptasia on my zoas, xenia, and gsp with no ill effects. Just be sure you don't get any on the BTA particularly around the oral disk. If you do accidently get it on the BTA use a turkey baster or something similar to blow the Joes Juice off.