algae scrubbers:

I have a 65 gallon reef tank that I am interested in getting an algae scrubber. My sump is a 20 gallon and room is super tight with my protein skimmer and GFO reactor. I was looking at a SURF 2, but I don't think I have room. Then I looked at the HOG, but there is mention that smaller aquariums could crack with the magnet, and it would be on the 20 gallon sump because I don't want it in the display tank. Any suggestions, or recommendations of other algae scrubbers? Potentially I could move the GFO reactor to hang outside the sump freeing up room... then again maybe with an algae scrubber I could get rid of the reactor all together and just have the skimmer? Thanks.



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Personally I see no use for a reactor with an algae scrubber and skimmer. An algae scrubber will out compete any other algae issues and the skimmer picks up the rest. I would clean the reactor and put it on a shelf but thats just me.
There are many types and styles of DIY algae scrubbers out there. Waterfall scrubbers, trickle scrubbers and my personal favorite, the upflow algae scrubber. There are many different designs of each and with some customizing you can make them whatever size you need to fit your 20g sump.
Is there room to build a larger sump?
Thanks for the feedback. I think there would be room to build a larger sump. Although, looking at the sump again, and especially if I take the reactor out I would have room. I was looking more at the Santa Monica algae scrubbers and a DROP 1.4x would fit easily.


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IMHO you don't need and shouldn't use a skimmer or reactor with a refugium with macro algaes balancing out and stabilizing the system. If you already have a sump, a refugium could cost less than $30 also.

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Hmm... I'll look into building my own. From what I have read it seems like macro algae in a refugium doesn't come close to what an algae scrubber can do. For now I will be happy with my phosphate reactor, but will plan either the DROP or building something similar.