Alien Green Eye Coral

Do alien greeneye corals require feeding or just light? I've had them in my tank over two months and dont see them prosper yet. Please help.



You would have to be a little more specific. There are various lps corals that can have the 'alien eye' look. From favia and chalice to acanthastrea. Some, like acanthastrea lordhowensis, benefit(add polyps faster) from feeding mysis. Others, like chalice prefer smaller foods. IMO, none of them 'require' feeding. I have 6 elegance corals in my 300 for over a year, and I dont feed any of them. I really dont feed any of my corals. They may get food from the water column as I feed my fish, but I do not target feed anything.
About a year or so ago I started doing weekly water changes religiously, and that has done wonders for my coral's health.