All coral and livestock Ohio


Have decided to take a break from the hobby. If interested in coral pm with your email address ad I will send pictures.
12-15 lb piece of live rock with large Anthelia covering it- $55
11-13lb piece of live rock with 5 large bright green hairy mushrooms- $50
Bright Green Favia about 5" long and 3" wide- $40
Piece of live rock with at least 10 bright red mushrooms- $40
Green tipped torch coral with 4 large heads -$35
Branch rock w/ 20+ polyps of Armor of God palys -$40
2"x2" piece of rock w/ 30+ polyps of Radioactive dragon eyes zoos-$35
Piece of live rock w/20+ polyps of Ring of fire or fire in the sky zoo's not sure which- $30
Piece of live rock w/20+ of zoo's with bright orange centers and green rims- $30
8" long piece of branch rock covered in GSP's- $30
Remaining live rock with various mushrooms and other small pieces of coral around 45 to 50lbs- $120.00
Medium chromis been in my system about two years- $5
Prices are negotiable if you are looking for more than 1 item. Looking for local pickups. I am in Shelby.Do not want to ship. Will list equipment after livestock is sold.