All the Noodles (eels)


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So I have a 75 gallon tank that’s just under a year old; it has a one spot foxface in it, along with a snowflake eel and yellow headed/fimbriated eel. The eels actually don’t care about each other at all, they really only go near each other on feeding days, because one of them can smell the food and goes looking for some. I feed every three days. They’re both fairly small (the snowflake is about 12” long and 3/4” thick, the yellow head is about 18” long and 1 1/2” thick).

There’s about 100(ish) pounds of live rock, no inverts (except for some small hitchhikers on the rock), and I do a 10-15 gallon water change once a week.

I was wondering if I could maybe put a medium sized zebra eel in with them? Thanks!