already downsized, BUT now i want a 125g!! i need oppinions!

pappa d

PS. i already have a red sea berlin classic protein skimmer to start with because i havn't sold that yet and i believe the 58gallon tank itself could be made into a sump?? the only thing is that it's reef ready and is drilled but i guess i just wouldnt have the wter as high as the overflow box anyways right? wow, this is so unplanned. dont worry though im not doing anything at all right away and i just need as many suggestions/opinions as possible. please help with the cheapest way to do this, IF it even would be worth it!


Even if you are going with fish only you still need LR, well YOU don't, but most fish do. If you have a tank that large you will want fish that you could keep in a tank of that size. They will need many lbs of very mature LR, which means that you will have to buy 100+lbs of LR mixed with base and let it mature.
please help with the cheapest way to do this
DON'T. Don't even bother upgrading. If you can afford the tank you have then stick with that.