an experiment to help keep evaporation minimum in a tank with a sump

i am thinking on designing a test that has to do with condensation, im thinking on trying to make a device that fit on the top of the sump and makes the evaporating water condensate and drip back into the tank, but before i do that i was wondering if anyone could help with ideas


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i have seen someone with an elaborate fish room, that had a large fan / ventilation unit that pulled all the humid air from the room outside and then he collected the water that condensed. it was several gallons per xxx time period. i dont recall the specifics, or what he actually did with the water. i want to say he used it for gardening / plants or the like because it was not the cleanest grade of water.

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a glass lid, cut to fit around the plumbing, will collect all of the evaporated water and it will drip back into the sump.
these are all good ideas so far what i've come up with is taking plastic wrap and closing of the top of the sump having the wrap sag into a little, then i am going to poke many little holes into it and see how it works out


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let me ask a question, here. how big is your tank, and how much water are you losing to evap a day?
why do you want to curtail this? to save on adding top off water?
what are you using for top off water?
im doing this because my 55 gallon loses about three inches a week of water and because my girlfriend isnt used to colder climates and she keeps the house like 85 year round, so im triing everything to slow the loss of water


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Time to get a new joking Actually 3ins. of water a week dont seem that bad to me IMHO....Johnnie


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so i am still trying to understand the why's.
a) you lose three inches of water a week? that is normal to low evap.... i am guessing for a 55.
b) ...your house is too hot? so in turn, your tank is too hot? then you want MORE evap to keep the tank temp lower and not dangerous to your animals.