Anemone MIA?


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So I purchased a BTA over the weekend for the clowns I currently have in QT. First day it was fine, found itself a nice tight spot in one of my rock structures. Yesterday, it had moved. No big deal I thought, they do move around. Later on last nite, I came into the room and found him free floating around the tank, getting pushed this way and that by the powerheads. I attempted to get him to attach to a rock a couple times, but finally just turned the powerheads off to stop the flow in the tank. He got to a decent spot, and I fed him immediately so he would think this is a good spot. He took the food just fine. After a few hours I turned the heads back on and went to bed. This morning he seemed to be MIA in the tank. Can't see him anywhere. One thing I find troubling is I found a large "piece of meat" floating near back bottom of tank. I fished it out and it didn't seem like it was from an anemone. I'm not enough of an expert to know, so come here for answers. My question is, could 6 small chromis and a Banggi cardinal completely consume a dead anemone, leaving no trace of it just overnight and still be hungry in the morning for feeding? Hopefully I'll find him tonite when I get home.


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Fish won’t eat it.
it is probably hiding in the rocks.
what kind of lighting do you have?
Was it healthy to begin with?