Anenome concern

I have a pink tip haitin anenome that i got tuesday. My clowns where hosting iy in a madder of hours and every thing seemed happy. Then it got really small today and i noticed a crab on its foot. I dont know if the carb is doing anything or not. Is it? And since itc foot was in a crevis and since it retracted, its in a shadow froma rock so im woried it wont get big again cuz it doesent have light. Is this true?


Give it some time, it should be fine. They will roam around until they find a place they like. If you just got it a couple days ago it is most likely still adjusting to your tank. It may have had less lighting in the tank where it came from.


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yea at least your anenome is still there i bought a 59 dollar anenome yesterday and well went to bed and the anenome climbed up in the power head needless to say you know the rest.