Angel will not eat..


I have a large bicolor angel and he wont eat. The other fish (large moorish idol ,damsels) eat fine. I feed them frozen formula 2. What can i do?


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What size tank do you have? How long have you had the angel and how long have you had the moorish idol for?


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This is very common with Dwarf Angels, I hope you have good, established live rock. Dwarfs often take a bit to adjust to a captive diet, as long as he has LR to pick at he should be fine....Do try garlic with some frozen mysis, usually they will see their tankmates eating and follow suit. My Coral Beauty took over a week before he ate what I offered.

saka bra

keep add putting seaweed clips in every day and soon he should relize that its food and get used to the scent.
-i had this gerlic stuff called "entice" by i believe seachem or salifert, that worked to start to get my sohal to eat meat.