Any michigan traders



If you three are interested, theres going to be a good sized "frag swap" in Shelby Township October 23.



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How do we find out more info. Never been to a "frag swap" - could you elaborate a little?

Theres one pretty much in either Oakland or Macomb County every 2-3 months. Email me and I'll send you the info, not sure if I can post here.
just remove the NOSPAM


Matt, I am interested in some trades or etc. I live in Battle Creek and my father lives in Hastings not far from you. We are suppliers of fish corals and Inverts. I would like to know what you have to offer and we can go from there. Please email me at and we can chat a lil more. Thanks, Jason


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I don't have one of those fancy digital camera, so I can't take any picture for now. Sorry.


I have soem PH 8.3 *powder* buffer "SeaChem" brand..
if anyone is interested let me know.. it is opened I have had it maybe a couple weeks and have taken out say 1teaspoon thats it.. and it is a decent sized bottle..
I really just would like some inverts, (crabs, snails)..
anywho let me know
I live near detroit and I am just getting started with my reef tank, in fact I don't have any coral yet so I am looking to buy some frags. I go to Kalamazoo about every other week end to visit my girl friend would any of you guy be interested in selling some frags?
how much for the colored acros, turbinaria, torch coral, green hammer, ricordia, green star polyps, colored zoo's. Those are a few I would like too get my hands on, I am just getting started though. Also can you get clams?