any way to preserve molts?


as a background for the question...
ok so my mom has a(n) daycare. she has a science center and needs some different things to score more points for her 5 stars or whatever.
i have been collecting and giving her my cleaner shimp, crab and lobster molts, as well as i got her crayfish molt out of her tank.
so my question is...
is there anyway to preserve the molts? or make them harder so they will last longer?
i'm guessing formaldahide(sp) is way to strong?
any idea's on what to try or experience would be very helpful.
because my shrimps molt a lot and i have 4 of them + the lobster ect. i have lots of chances to try different things^^
when i go on vacation and colect dead sponge from the beach i use a deluted solution of water and elmers glue not sure if that is spelled right but i think you will get it. good luck and post some pics.of your collection.


hmm i will have to try that...personally don't think it will work on an exoskeleton without changing the opaque coloring but i'll give it a shot later on today! thanks!
any other ideas are still welcome from anyone!

florida joe

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He can also go to a craft store and buy a can of spray clear acrylic sealer, which is basically the same thing