Anyone know how to set up a website


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The cheapest website you can set up is for around $145. That's just paying for hosting and domain name. You would have to build the website yourself.
I'm pretty handy with HTML and XHTML, but there are better free programs out there like the whole MySQL/PHP/Apache thing that some people can set up. I had to have a lot of help doing it that way.
I'm building three websites at the moment, all out of HTML from scratch, something simple for myself and my parents.
I suggest just going on Google and searching and reading... that's how I learned how to do it. You may find a better way. lol If you do, show me.


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You are on one of the best sites for this type of thing already... and you are 10... get outside and play or something!


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It's absolutely gorgeous here today... so I took a long nature hike! And then I got lost.. got off path... scratched myself real bad... well besides that it was great!