Anyone Own the 28gal JBJ Nano Cube?


How do you like yours? What upgrades have you done or suggest be done to them? I like mine so far only had since last Tuesday, about 11 days. It was the "must have" tank when I saw it and I got a deal so bought it. I am fine with the stock equipment for now but the water heats when the lights are on so I eventually need to get a chiller "if I can ever afford one" and then a better skimmer eventually as well if I can find a reasonable one. I am happy with it other then this and well will have it for a while! What do you think about yours?


have had one for about 6 months now.good little unit. i was able to avoid a chiller by mounting a small fan on the wall behind the tank , and have it blow on the open area in the back. droppedthe temp almost 5 degrees.
I like it, it's a good tank. I took everything out of the back chambers's full of LR rubble and Kent Marine Nitrate Sponge, and the skimmer. I never have nitrates and the light blows all the corals up :) so I enjoy it...I'd much rather have a 75g bowfront but I can't afford the equipment :O...I also like the way you can do rockwork in cubes. I also have no heat AC runs majority of the summer and I have the heat on if its to cold in the winter.