Apitasia Removal..HELP!


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i thought i got rid of my problem, but i noticed a head or 2 in my 28 nano! one head is in the middle of my zoa frag, i am not sure how to get rid of this pest. i tried scalding hot water which worked, kalkwasser which kind of burnt a frag..idk what else to do! i heard that peppermint shrimp will eat apitasia? i also heard that a goby will eat a peppermint shrimp as if it was breakfast? argh idk what to do!

my live stock-
-goby tiger pistol shrimp combo
-monti, zoas, xenia..
will the pistol shrimp and peppermint get along? pleas help!1


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I was told peppermint shrimp. Bought 2 of them and they cleaned mine out in 2 days. Don't know what would happen with the fish.
go get some peppermint shrimp, I'm going to get some tommorrow as I just found aiptasia in my tank today. The think that I like about them is unlike the aptasia-x the shrimp will continue to eat them their whole life the chemical stuff you have to apply to everyone you see and you prolly won't see them all. that's my two cents.


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double check me here, but i thinkk lemon juice will work, just make sure to rinse out the area that was hit with the juice with saltwater because the lemon juice has a acidic pH.
double check me here but i think i have head it before.