Aptasia or Feather Duster??


I have something growing out of my live rock it's a bit small to take a Dig Photo but I can describe it.
It has either feathers or tenticles (can't really tell) which come out of a pipe which is about a 1/4" long the width is very small.
The feathers/tenticles can retract into the pipe when disturbed which I've tested.
I'm going to more of the feather duster side but not sure how aptasia's develop.
The rock has been in the tank for about a month and a half?


i would say its a feather duster.....atapaisia usually come out of the rock earlier (from expierence i no this) but if more appear i would say its not a feather duster its an atapaisia...sorry for the spelling in a hurry lol


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if it quickly shoots back in when you go near it, then its a feather duster
so... its probably a feather duster


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As others have already stated, it sounds like a feather dusters. Aiptasia does not contruct a tube to hide in.


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Just to back up people's opinion, based on the evidence... feather duster. Single pipe... sounds like a duster. Shoots back in pipe quickly... feather. Etc. :cool: