Aqua C remora Pro with 1400 question?

The collection cup...what way is better to get the foam started? Is higher better or lower? I had it lowered and it collected liquid, but when I keep it higher, it seems to not really collect anything


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I had one and I kept it higher, I never saw it foam but if I didn't look at it for a week, then there would be green ooze in the bottom after a few days.
My mom keeps her's higher, but he skimmate it practically water, so it's more top off for her, and I don't think it's getting so much protein out, as just discolored saltwater.
I think it take some fiddling with to get it right... took me a few weeks to get it down. And also, if you tank is fairly new, it make not have a whole lot to skim out, especially if your bioload is fairly light.
What size tank, and what/ how many fish?


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u should be getting a full cap every 2-3 days. set it medium if high up is getting nothing for u. is this a new skimmer?


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I just saw in your profile that you are feeding flake? Is that all you feed? Because with a light bioload, and feeding flake, that could be an issue there too.

keith gray

My skimmer always produces brown liquid. It look like tobacco juice !lol
I hear others say they get green - what does it mean that mine is brown not green ?
anyone ?


it takes awhile for the aqua c to really start working good.
keep the cup really low at first and only raise it a bit after it starts collecting stuff.
I am feeding flakes, but not so much because I heard they aren't to good for them, and I feed pellets as well...I have one clown fish and a humu humu trigger. Also have a good CUC as well. And yes the skimmer is just about 5 days old. I heard that it might take time to break it in, noise wise and skimmate wise