Aquarium backgrounds


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Hi everyone...I know I can just as easily do a google search for this but what are some sweet backgrounds for aquariums that you like...this is going in my 93 cube...and the tank will have various colorful fish and colorful polyps and white sand other then that i dont know I’m just looking for ideas to look at...i dont wanna go with the typical coral background or blue or black I said i dont know what I’m trying to go for I just want some opinions


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To make whatsvin the tank stand out, a solid color is best. This is just an idea, possibly put a mirror on the back.


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So now I started poking around with backgrounds...I was looking for some opinions on creating 3D styrofoam backgrounds with a concrete coating...those of you that have done it what are the pros and cons of it hard to keep clean? Does it hold up for years? Do you need to reapply concrete every few years? Does it look good with other forms of live rock? Is it sufficient instead of live rock for bacteria growth?

are there better options? What other methods might there be? Thanks again


I used some foam board and cement, glued it together with silicone to make it look like rocks. Let me know if you'd like the steps and I can share the process I followed.


I paint mine a medium blue. I never thought the usual vinyl coral backgrounds looked realistic, or I've let them go to coralline algae