Aquarium of the Month - Win $100 order

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It's been a little while since our last contest, so let's get one started up again.
Photo must be a full tank shot of your aquarium. Winner will receive a free $100 live goods order from Must be at least 18 years old to win, but anyone can enter.
Check out the Fish Photography, Fish Discussion, and New Hobbyists forums for similar contests.
Photo size should be 500x500 or less
Contest will end Dec. 10th


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Originally Posted by TriGa22
Suks bein under 18..
Yeah right. Try jury duty,

payments and property taxes.


Originally Posted by Beth
Squishy, can you get a whole shot of our tank?
not sure what you mean.Do you want me to re sumit another pic. Of my tank or are you takeing over my tank? And would like another pic of it.
Anyway i will post a few more pics (does this disqualify me?) :thinking: