Aquarium of the Month - Win $100 order


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I don't know how many pictures are allowed for this contest... so here are a couple of my 125 gallon full reef.
1&2, are full tank pictures
3) is the left side
4) is the right side
5) is the center.



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I guess since i now have a sun coral, you cannot consider my tank a fowlr anymore. but, give me the $100 and i'll make a beautiful reef tank :)


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I wanted to be sure that I got a pic of the whole setup. I wasn't sure what was meant by whole tank shot. I couldnt edit my previous post. I really need to win!



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Since the instructions say that the pictures should be 500x500 or less, I suggest that those who want to have their entry considered, go ahead and use the SWF attachment feature, rather than an online source to link pictures. This will ensure 500x500.
If you are going to link, be sure your picture is 500X500 or less.


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I need to win. Please!!!! Here is my 55. It's plain Jane and I have a 8 month old son. My money is not going into the tank anymore so I could use a boost to get it going.
I currently only have a 3 stripe and a Blue Devil. Please help!!!!